The US Federal Reserve System (FRS) holds 21.9 tons of gold, which belongs to the Central Bank of Afghanistan. However, while it is stored in America, the assets are regulated by domestic laws, said Shaokai Feng, head of the department for liaison with the central banks of the World Gold Council.

Earlier, a representative of the US administration said that he would not give the Taliban (an organization recognized as a terrorist and banned in Russia) access to the funds of the Central Bank of Afghanistan. The new government will not receive reserves in gold either, says Andrei Maslov, an analyst at FG Finam. Such measures may become a precedent for the introduction of similar measures by other states supporting the United States, the expert said.

The United States and Great Britain have frozen the assets of other countries in the past. The latest such example is the refusal of the Bank of England to issue the gold reserves of Venezuela to the new legitimate government, due to the fact that London did not recognize the government of Nicholas Maduro, said Associate Professor of the Department of Finance and Prices of the PRUE. G.V. Plekhanova Elena Voronkova. She is confident that the same will happen with Afghanistan if America refuses to recognize the new government.

Due to the risk of losing assets, Russia almost completely sold off US government bonds, and the NWF abandoned the dollar. Also earlier, Germany and Turkey began to withdraw part of their gold reserves from America, said Andrey Rusetsky, asset manager of BCS World of Investments.


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