Afghanistan boys protest skip school to show solidarity with girls – International news in Hindi

Schools are reopening in Afghanistan, nearly 35 days after the Taliban took over Kabul. The Taliban have said that now only boys will be able to go to school. The Taliban has not yet said clearly about girls going to school, but so far girls are away from schools. In such a situation, the boys of Afghanistan are not going to school in support of the girls.

Although girls up to the age of 12 are being allowed to go to school by the Taliban, girls older than this are being taken away from school citing menstruation etc. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, 18-year-old Rohullah said that I did not go to school today to protest the girls’ refusal to go to school, expressing my disagreement with the Taliban.

The protesting boys say that women are part of this society. Half the population should get all the rights. By keeping girls out of school, the Taliban have proved they haven’t changed. We will not go to school until girls are allowed to go to school.

Qudsia Kambri had been teaching in Afghanistan’s schools before the Taliban took over Kabul. She wrote in a social media post that if I were a boy, I would not go to school until my sister can also go to school.

Aryan Arun, an Afghan activist and author who left the country before the Taliban came to power, has told the Washington Post that stopping girls from going to school is like burying them alive.


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