Army Chief General MM Naravane on Saturday did not rule out the possibility that foreign terrorists of Afghan origin may try to enter Jammu and Kashmir. He also cited such examples two decades ago during the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. The Army Chief also said that the Indian Army is ready to respond to any such act.

At the India Today Conclave, the army chief was asked if there is any connection between the recent killings in Jammu and Kashmir and the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan. General Naravane said that it cannot be said whether there is any connection or not. “Definitely there has been an increase in activities (J&K), but whether it has any direct relation to what is happening in Afghanistan or not, we cannot say,” the army chief said.

“But what we can say and know from history is that during the pre-Taliban regime, there were foreign terrorists of Afghan origin in Jammu and Kashmir,” the army chief said. So there are reasons to believe that similar things could happen once the situation in Afghanistan returns to normal. Then we can see the arrival of these fighters from Afghanistan.

The Army Chief said that the Indian Army is fully prepared to deal with such attempts. “We are ready for any such situation. Our anti-infiltration system on the border is very strong. We have a very strong counter-terrorism grid in the hinterland to deal with any such action. The way we dealt with them in the early 2000s, we will still deal with them if they come anywhere near us.



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