Aero India 2023 Live: PM Modi said at the inauguration ceremony of Aero India – it is not just a show, it is the strength of India

10:37 AM, 13-Feb-2023

‘New India of 21st century will not miss any opportunity’

“Today our successes are proof of India’s potential and potential. The Tejas aircraft roaring in the sky is the proof of the success of ‘Make in India’. The new India of the 21st century will neither miss any opportunity nor leave any stone unturned in its hard work. Will leave. We are gearing up. India has rejuvenated its defense sector in the last 8-9 years. We now consider it only a beginning. We aim to increase defense exports by 5% by the year 2024-25. Billion dollars. India will now move fast to join the defense producing countries.

10:18 AM, 13-Feb-2023

PM Modi said that when a country moves forward with new thinking and new approach, its systems also start adapting with new thinking. Today’s event also reflects the new thinking of India. Today this event is not just a show, it is also the strength of India and also focuses on the scope and self-confidence of India’s defense industry.

10:12 AM, 13-Feb-2023

Aero India show very special for Karnataka

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of Aero India said that this event is very special for a reason. This is happening in a state like Karnataka which has special expertise in the world of technology. This event will create new opportunities in the field of aerospace and defence. New possibilities will arise for the youth of Karnataka.

10:04 AM, 13-Feb-2023

Referring to the success of Aero India, the Defense Minister said, “Such huge participation is testimony to a renewed faith of the domestic and global business community in India’s emerging business potential. I urge you all to work towards India becoming a defense production hub.” I invite you to be a co-traveller in the journey of

10:02 AM, 13-Feb-2023

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh while addressing Aero India said that the land of Karnataka has been the land of religion, philosophy, spirituality, bravery and science. The state has been a pioneer in industrialization and is one of the foremost contributors to the economic development of our country. In such a situation, it is a very suitable place for organizing Aero India.

09:43 AM, 13-Feb-2023

VR Chowdhary led the formation

Air Chief VR Chowdhary led the Gurukul formation at the opening ceremony of Aero India 2023.

09:37 AM, 13-Feb-2023

Aero India 2023 LIVE: PM Modi said at the inauguration ceremony of Aero India – this is not just a show, India’s strength

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives to inaugurate the Aero India Mega Show at Air Force Base Yelahanka in Bengaluru. Air Chief VR Chowdhary will lead the Gurukul formation at the opening ceremony and will fly in a fighter jet. Stay tuned for updates on Aero India Show…

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