Advice was collected for Ukrainians in case of a nuclear threat

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The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security, MKIP, the State Special Communications Service, the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Cyber ​​Police have prepared recommendations for citizens of Ukraine in the event of an accident at a nuclear power plant, the use of nuclear weapons or a “dirty bomb”.

This was reported on the project website. dovidka.inforeports Ukrinform.

“Russia suffers defeats on the battlefield, and therefore its leadership, in its usual manner, resorts to blackmail. This time – nuclear. A nuclear strike on Ukraine is considered unlikely, and the main purpose of these threats is to scare Ukrainians and the world into making concessions to us and our partners to weaken support for Ukraine. However, this intimidation will not have the consequences expected by Russia. At the same time, Ukrainians must have a plan of action in case of any emergency: the use of nuclear weapons, a “dirty bomb” or in the event of an accident at a nuclear power plant.

As noted, in the event of any nuclear incident, the main rule remains the same: when you hear a siren, follow the shelter.

In addition, you should turn on the radio, TV or use the Internet to receive an alert about the corresponding threat and further actions.

Operational information should be reported by the State Emergency Service, the General Staff, the police or local authorities on the pages of official websites or social networks or in official Viber or Telegram channels. If the Internet connection is unstable, you can use light versions of social networks (Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite).

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However, there is a high probability that the Internet and communication facilities will not work at all in the zone of destruction of nuclear weapons, there will be no electricity supply. Therefore, in advance, citizens are advised to take care of the availability of a battery-powered radio. This may be the only means of communication in an emergency.

On the site you can also find out: what to do if an explosion caught you on the street, where it is safe to hide in case of an emergency, what to do if a nuclear explosion caught you indoors, on the road, if a child during a nuclear explosion is at school or kindergarten. Information is also provided on first aid for a victim of nuclear weapons, symptoms of radiation exposure, recommendations for iodine prophylaxis, how to eat safely, etc.

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As Ukrinform reported, on October 3, the Kyiv City State Administration reported that regional evacuation commissions had provided iodine preparations in the capital, but the information about sending medicines to schools is incorrect.

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