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Mumbai: After giving a huge blow to Gautam Adani and his market investors, now Hindenburg Research has found its next victim. Exactly two months ago today, on January 24, New York-based Hindenburg Research published a stunning report on the Adani Group. Since then, the shares of Adani group companies started falling sharply and the stocks fell by more than 70 to 75%. Adani Group shares literally took a nosedive during these two months, but now after more than two months, the shares seem to be recovering. Let’s find out how much Adani group ports to power stocks has recovered in these two months.Adani Enterprises
The biggest impact of the Hindenburg report was on Adani Enterprises, the flagship company of the Adani Group. The company’s shares had closed at Rs 3,441 on January 24 while the Hindenburg report came on January 24 and the stock fell to Rs 2,768.50 as the market opened on January 27. Meanwhile, the stock fell to its lowest level of 52 weeks of Rs 1,017.45 in the last two months. Today this stock has recovered and was trading at Rs 1808.15 in the morning session. That is, the stock has recovered around Rs 800 per share.

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Adani Ports
Adani Port hit a 52-week low of Rs 395.10 on February 3, 2023 in the wake of the Hindenburg report. The stock closed at Rs 759 on January 24, 2023 and fell to Rs 604 as the market opened on the 27th, like other Adani Group stocks. Today, almost two months after the report, the stock was trading at Rs 658.80 in the morning session, trading above its 52-week low of Rs 260.

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Adani Green Energy
The Hindenburg report was issued after the Indian stock market closed on January 24. At the time, Adani Green Energy closed at Rs 1,910.45 while the market earthquake on January 27 left Adani Green investors pale. The share closed at Rs 1,486.25. The stock fell to a low of Rs 439.10 in the bearish storm and currently the stock has doubled from this level to Rs. reached 1031.45.

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Adani Broadcast
After touching a 52-week high of Rs 4,236.75 per share, Adani Transmission ka share is now trading at Rs 1138.60 after falling to Rs 631.50 on the Hindenburg report. The stock had closed at Rs 2,738 on January 24 and fell to Rs 2,539 the next day. On January 27, the stock fell further to close at Rs 2,014.20.

Adani Power
The Hindenburg report left no stone unturned to stifle Adani Power. Hindenburg took a hit as the stock fell from its 52-week high of Rs 432.50, halving the stock price. Currently the stock price has touched Rs 197.35 and it will take more time to recover the losses.

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Adani Wilmer
While market experts expected the Adani Wilmar stock to rise above Rs 1000, the stock fell to Rs 327.25 from a 52-week high of Rs 878. As a result of the Hindenburg report, Adani Wilmar, like other stocks in the group, suffered huge losses. The stock had closed at Rs 573.15 on the reporting date ie January 24 and is now trading around Rs 415.25.

Adani Total Gas
The Hindenburg report also sent Adani Gas into a tailspin. After touching a 52-week high of 4,000 per share on 23 January 2023, the stock reversed its course and by 1 March it had fallen to Rs 650 and is currently trading at Rs. It was trading at 1004.65.

Even the strong foundations of the cement company bought by the Adani group were shaken by the Hindenburg storm. The stock hit a 52-week all-time high on 27 September 2022 and touched a low of Rs 1,659 on 27 February 2023. While the stock closed at Rs 2,335 on January 24, it fell to Rs 1,899.90 by January 27. The stock is trading currently at 1724.35.

Shares of NDTV, which had wobbled after Adani’s collapse, plunged after the Hindenburg report. The stock is trading at Rs 195.65 today, off the 52-week high of Rs 573. So on January 24, 2023, the stock was Rs. It had closed at 284.05.

Ambuja Cement
Ambuja Cement was trading at a 52-week low of Rs 288.50 formed on March 28, 2022. So today the share is Rs 371.30.


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