Actor Kirill Kanakhin participated in the attack on the Bryansk region – Mash

Actor Kirill Kanakhin took part in the attack of saboteurs on March 2 in the border region of the Bryansk region. This is reported Telegram-Mash channel.

The authors draw this conclusion from a photograph showing two saboteurs with an unfurled flag near a mailbox with the coat of arms of Russia. One of them really looks like Kanakin

“Another pro-Ukrainian terrorist who attacked the Bryansk region today is Kirill Kanakhin. In the past, he is a poet, yoga teacher, actor of the Academic Maly Theater of Russia, — said in the post.

It is noted that he could be remembered by the Russian audience as a partner Ksenia Sobchak And Maxim Konovalov based on the film “No one knows about sex – 2”. He also played in the series “Capercaillie-3”, “Simple Truths”, “Obsession” and in a host of other paintings.

“I got tired of the stage and cameras and went to yoga. But at some point I decided to renounce enlightenment and move to Ukraine. To join the RDK, terrorize and kill the local population and pose near the mailbox on video, – concluded on the channel.

Recall that on March 2, the Ukrainian DRG penetrated the territory of the Bryansk region. In the village of Lubechan, terrorists fired at a car, killing two civilians. And in the village of Sushany, they dropped a projectile from an UAV on a residential building, which caught fire.

On the same day, Ukrainian saboteurs fired at a car in the Klimovsky district, killing one civilian and seriously injuring a ten-year-old child.

As reported EADaily, a group of Ukrainian saboteurs was squeezed out of the Bryansk region into the territory of Ukraine, where a massive artillery strike was inflicted on the terrorists. This was announced on March 2 at the TsOS FSB.

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