Activists interrupted the speech of the head of the US Department of Energy in Washington – Kommersant

Activists protesting the construction of a gas pipeline in West Virginia interrupted the speech of US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm. She was speaking at a conference organized by Politico in Washington DC when several activists burst onto the stage. They were taken away by security, no one was hurt.

The conference, to which Mrs. Granholm was invited, is dedicated to the energy industry. After the incident, the minister assured that she understood the essence of the problem that the protesters were unhappy with. “Everyone recognizes that we are in this interim period. We are moving towards clean energy,” she said (quoted by TASS).

Activists fear that the pipeline in West Virginia will lead to environmental pollution, as well as exacerbate the process of climate change.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has said that a more effective response to climate change will require strengthening international trade, not abandoning it. The WTO proposed lowering tariffs and removing non-tariff barriers to trade in goods and technologies that contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy, as well as creating a global scheme for trading in emission reductions similar to conventional trading.

Laura Keffer


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