Accession of new regions to Russia contributes to their defense – Pentagon analyst

The entry of new regions into the Russian Federation provides it with a secure position for the defense of its territory.

This was reported by the RIA Novosti agency, referring to a statement by a former US Department of Defense analyst. Karen Kwiatkowski.

She explained that Russia already had logistical and popular support in the four regions where the referendums took place, as well as a defensive stance.

“This is a major change that essentially happened months earlier, but has now been anchored in referendums,” — stated the expert.

According to her estimates, the voting results now show the democratic will of the inhabitants of the joined territories. While the West supports the Kyiv authorities, which “expelled most of the political parties and everyone who criticized Kyiv.”

At the same time, Kwiatkowski pointed out that neither the Ukrainian society nor the inhabitants of Western countries receive objective information about what is happening on the battlefield.

Because of this, it is impossible to have a discussion about the situation in Ukraine and it is impossible to form a complete picture of the current state of affairs, the analyst believes.

As reported EADailyEarlier, the Pentagon announced that the HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems and ammunition provided by Washington to Kyiv allow the Ukrainian military to hit targets, including in Crimea.

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