The American company Monotype has blocked access to the catalog on the site from Russia

Residents of Russia may be left without popular fonts. The American company Monotype closed access to them on its website, reports newspaper “Vedomosti”.

Access to Times New Roman and Arial fonts closed for Russians

She owns the rights to Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, Helvetica and Tahoma. The company’s website is available, but the catalog of fonts does not open – a message appears about access being closed.

“Access denied. Error code 1020. The site owner may have set restrictions preventing access to the site,” the site says.

With the VPN service turned on, there is no such problem. There was no official statement about the blocking on the Monotype website, the latest news is dated February 22 and is dedicated to the new project.

Earlier, the expert predicted the collapse of the European Union due to radical sanctions against Russia.


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