Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Semenov: melting ice in Antarctica will affect the flora and fauna of the continent

The melting of the Antarctic ice will have a direct impact on the flora and fauna of the continent. About this radio station “Moscow Speaks” said the deputy director of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics. A.M. Obukhov RAS Vladimir Semenov.

According to the scientist, the ongoing large-scale process will affect the living organisms living in the region and, in general, its biodiversity. Semenov stressed that the reduction of the ice cover in Antarctica is associated with the variability of atmospheric circulation.

Speaking about similar climate changes in the Arctic, the interlocutor of journalists noted that such transformations would entail certain consequences for all sea routes. Due to the disappearance of ice, by the end of the 21st century, the period of free navigation in the Arctic Ocean will increase by another two or three months.

Since the coasts in the Arctic region are also composed of permafrost, the thawing results in severe erosion along the entire coastline. At the same time, Semenov emphasized that the reduction of sea ice does not affect the rise in sea level. The latter is being transformed due to the melting of glaciers from the land and the thermal expansion of the water area, the scientist concluded.


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