Abrams tanks will reach Ukraine from the USA not earlier than in a year — EADaily, February 24, 2023 — Politics News, Ukraine News

It could take more than a year to ship Abrams tanks to Ukraine from the US. This was stated by the Secretary of the US Army Christine Wormuth (Secretary of the Army is a civilian position in the Pentagon, responsible for all matters related to the needs and tasks of the US Army). Wormouth’s statement is broadcast by the American media corporation CNN.

According to the US Secretary of the Army, plans are still being worked out in Washington on how to deliver tanks to Ukraine.

“We are looking for the fastest way we can get tanks to the Ukrainians,” Wormuth said at a meeting with military writers. “But it’s not a matter of weeks, that’s what I’ll say. None of the options we’re looking at offer several weeks or two months’ delivery. We are talking about much longer schedules. But I think there are options that will require less than two years, even less than a year and a half. But, again, we must weigh all the pros and cons for each of them.

“In my opinion, it still needs to be decided whether the tanks will be able to arrive in the country before the end of the year,” — said Christina Wormuth.

The US Secretary of the Army said that among other options presented to the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, a plan for the construction of tanks “from scratch” is being considered. Meanwhile, a typical variant is when the United States modernizes ready-made options, and does not build from scratch.

According to Minister Wormouth, the United States is also considering the option of deliveries from “countries to which we sold tanks before” and which could “presumably transfer tanks to Ukrainians faster, but could break [из-за этого] relations with their important allies.”

Since the day the US announced that it would deliver M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, along with tanks of other models from partner countries, US officials have repeatedly stressed that the delivery schedule could take a long time.

By the way, this is a brazen manipulation, because there was no question of supplying tanks “together”. The German authorities agreed to supply Leopard tanks to Ukraine only after the US officially announced that they would transfer the Abrams model. That is, Germany and other countries agreed only after the United States made such a decision and set an example.

And the question is not only in tanks, as Christine Wormuth said, but also in the support of this military equipment, which will include repair vehicles, ammunition and training of the Ukrainian military to operate foreign tanks.

Meanwhile, as reported EADailyUkraine has already received several Leopard 2 tanks from Poland.

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