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Abramchenko: Russia will begin to abandon plastic goods by 2025


Russia will start phasing out single-use plastic products and packaging from 2025, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Viktoria Abramchenko said. According to her, this refusal will be gradual and will consist of several stages.

“The packaging that cannot be recycled, hard to remove, like plastic straws, other types of goods and packaging, they need to be gradually disposed of and replaced with more environmentally friendly ones. The draft law on the entry into force of the main norm, which was the subject of a hot discussion, when the 100% packaging recycling standard is introduced, is 2025, ”she said in an interview. TASS at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

According to Ms. Abramchenko, familiar products and packaging will be replaced after a worthy alternative appears. “It will be on a separate schedule, depending on what we can replace. There is a substitution option, there is such a technology, there is such a type of product or packaging – we will immediately introduce appropriate replacement decisions for such a group,” she said.

At the same time, the Deputy Prime Minister said that due to the imposition of sanctions, Russia is forced to change the initiated waste disposal projects due to problems with imported equipment in this industry. One possible option is to import such equipment from “friendly countries”. Victoria Abramchenko also believes that even under sanctions, it is impossible to soften environmental requirements in some areas – for example, in the field of water resources.

As industry participants recently told Kommersant, in the current realities, the low cost of energy resources and labor in Russia compared to foreign countries can contribute to the development of the bioplastics sector, which should replace conventional plastic. But, according to experts, under the sanctions, we can talk about a small range of biopolymers in demand.

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