Diseases of the lungs and heart, which they did not have before. The Journal of Hospital Medicine reports that nearly 85% of people who were hospitalized with coronavirus at the end of 2020 still experience symptoms of the disease.

As part of the study, specialists from the University of Michigan analyzed data from 253 patients who were admitted to medical institutions with coronavirus in the late fall of 2020 and found that almost 85% of people treated for the disease did not fully recover.

It is clarified that even after a complete cure of the virus, they showed symptoms of coronavirus from time to time. These people still do not feel completely healthy. The average age of the respondents was 60 years.

Among other things, about 55% of people who have had coronavirus, within six months, discovered a new ailment: lung and heart disease, which they did not have before. A quarter of the study participants admitted that they still suffer from a severe cough, and 20% complained of an irregular or rapid heartbeat. Movement problems are experienced by about 16% of the people who took part in the survey.


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