About 300 Russian minors are expected to be evacuated from the Gaza Strip – Kommersant

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in her Telegram channelthat about 300 Russian minors who have been under blockade for a month are expected to be evacuated from the Gaza Strip. The day before, Israeli Ambassador to the Russian Federation Alexander Ben Zvi said earlier that approval could take up to two weeks.

“There are a lot of children on the list for evacuation from Gaza. They have been under blockade for a month,” wrote Maria Zakharova.

Kommersant spoke with one of the Russian women located in the Gaza Strip, Yulia Shandogli:

“We have been waiting for evacuation for a month now. My house was bombed on the third day, my two daughters and granddaughter moved from Gaza City to Khan Yunis, closer to the Rafah checkpoint. First they sat in the house of one of my friends, then they said that the house next to their house would be bombed. We ran to another one, which itself was huddled with strangers in the garage. As a result, eight of us sat in the garage, rubbing against each other. On Wednesday our husbands joined us.

My husband walked from the north of the sector to the south. He is a doctor and until recently lived in Shifa Hospital, like thousands of other people who tried to hide there. They had nowhere to go and the hospital seemed safe. Now she’s being bombed.

Our every morning begins at five and six in the morning with the search for bread, food and water. If we, adults, can survive on anything, the same can of stew that they give us in humanitarian aid, then my granddaughter needs hot food. She is not yet a year old. There is not enough mother’s milk. Plus another problem is poor water quality. All our children have already gotten sick. My granddaughter has had diarrhea for three days now. If we don’t die from the bombing, we’ll die here from disease. And we don’t know how many more strangers will tolerate us here in the garage. Nothing is clear about the evacuation, but there is nowhere to go.”

Earlier today, she said that the Israeli side does not give reasons why approval for the evacuation of Russians from the Gaza Strip has not yet been received. According to her, the Foreign Ministry was “shocked” by the two-week deadline for agreeing on the evacuation of Russians from the Gaza Strip.

Currently, foreigners are being evacuated from the Gaza Strip through the Rafah checkpoint on the border with Egypt. By words Alexandra Ben Zvi, the Egyptian side set limits of 500-600 people per day. As of the end of October, more than 500 Russians are awaiting evacuation. Hamas representatives claimed that evacuation lists through checkpoints are agreed upon by the United States and Israel, and then the evacuees are sent to Egypt.

Read more in the Kommersant article “Foreigners began to be released from Gaza.”

Polina Motyzlevskaya; Marianna Belenkaya, Tel Aviv

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