A young Muscovite almost said goodbye to life after drinking a bottle of perfume


A fourth-grader almost drank perfume to death in the west of Moscow. He was found in the entrance of a residential high-rise building. The boy lay unconscious on the floor. He smelled of perfume. About it informs Mash.

12 year old Venya (name changed) met with his friends after school. Wanting a “thrill”, the young experimenters decided to try to drink perfume

At about 10:00 pm, Venya’s older brother found the boy unconscious in the stairwell. Doctors urgently took the student to one of the capital’s hospitals, where he was diagnosed with acute alcohol poisoning.

Now the child’s condition has stabilized.

Earlier it became known that in St. Petersburg, the child received a severe burn due to reagents scattered on the playground


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