A young man from Kyrgyzstan was detained at the entrance to Russia with banned literature

Global Look Press |  Zamir Usmanov/Russian Look
Global Look Press | Zamir Usmanov/Russian Look

A native of Kyrgyzstan was taken at the entrance to Russia from Turkey at the Pulkovo airport. He turned out to be a preacher of a radical religious organization, and he had an extremist book in his phone.

The foreigner flew to St. Petersburg from Turkey, where he studied at the Suleymancilar religious organization. The purpose of the organization is to build a united Muslim state. Followers of this organization are actively recruiting in many countries.

To date, Suleymanjilar is not banned in Russia, but discussions about the need for such measures are already underway. As a result, the preacher was sent to his homeland in Kyrgyzstan.

Earlier FAN reported that books in Russian were being destroyed in Ukraine.


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