A young girl got on a ventilator after sex in Moscow

REN TV: a bleeding Muscovite was connected to a ventilator after sex with a partner

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A resident of Moscow was in the hospital the next day after having sex with her partner. According to REN TV22-year-old girl needed medical help when she felt very unwell.

The ambulance team that arrived at the call found the Muscovite beaten, she was also bleeding. After the victim was taken to the hospital, the girl lost consciousness.

Doctors connected a resident of Moscow to a ventilator. According to preliminary data, she was diagnosed with damage to the genital organs, which provoked blood loss. The circumstances of the incident are being investigated

Earlier, the girl died after sex in Yekaterinburg. Investigators determined that the incident happened at the home of the deceased. A colleague came to her, with whom she subsequently had an intimate relationship. After that, the girl went to the bathroom and lost consciousness.


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