A Yekaterinburger who strangled a gazelist was upset by the death of a child. “Coming back with an ultrasound”

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    A man who strangled the driver of a Gazelle after a road conflict on Blucher in Yekaterinburg was returning from an ultrasound with his pregnant wife. At the hospital, the couple learned that their 12-week-old fetus had died in the abdomen. The Yekaterinburger was upset by this, which is why he “decided to talk” with his opponent so harshly, his wife Elvira shared.

    “My husband and I were returning [на автомобиле Hyundai] with ultrasound, I’m 12 weeks pregnant. We just found out that the child died, and we urgently need to go to the 7th hospital for an operation. On Gagarin Street, a Gazelle cut us off, my husband turned sharply into the next lane. At the next Blucher-Mira intersection, the Gazelle driver cut us off again, my husband stopped abruptly, and I hit my head on the car panel, ”Elvira told E1.RU.

    According to her, her husband was upset that she would have a difficult operation, after which she would no longer be able to have children. And the driver of the Gazelle provoked them several times on the road. As a result, Elvira’s husband got out of the car and tried to explain the rules of the road to the gazelist. The same one attacked him with his fists and hit him several times, breaking his head, eye and ear. To calm the opponent, the Hyundai driver began to choke him.

    “What was caught on video is only the very end of the conflict. After all this, I started bleeding, my husband was covered in blood, and we quickly went home. We did not pursue anyone, as the gazelist claims. Of course, my husband should not have reacted and behaved so sharply, but he was attacked, and he just found out that we will not have children, ”says Elvira.

    On August 5, two drivers got into a violent fight right in the middle of the road. The incident occurred at the intersection of Blucher and Komsomolskaya streets. The driver of the Gazelle, whom the owner of the foreign car strangled right on the road, said that the reason for the conflict was the opponent’s idea that they wanted to cut him.

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