A Yekaterinburger jumped off a cliff with his mother. Video

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    Base jumper from Yekaterinburg Nik Bumer posted a new video. He jumped off a cliff with his mother. The video appeared on the youtube channel of the same name.

    “I did it! It was scary, only when she stepped. Hands and legs are shaking, ”the woman shared after the jump. The video shows her jumping off a high cliff, followed by her son Nik Bumer. Earlier URA.RU reported that the base jumper jumped from one of the skyscrapers to the reinforced concrete.

    Base jumping is an extreme sport where athletes use a special parachute and jump from fixed objects. Nik Bumer is a famous base jumper from Yekaterinburg. In an interview with the agency, he said that he was scared before each jump.

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