A Yekaterinburg resident running away from foreigners with a knife was run over by a car. Video

Tactical and special exercise "Relief-2017".  Troitsky district, Chelyabinsk region, murder, weapon, bayonet, knife

In Yekaterinburg, on Tekhnicheskaya Street, a man was run over to death while he was running away from two foreigners with a knife. Information about this appeared on social networks.

“They ran over a man on Tekhnicheskaya Street and he died. Two people of non-Russian nationality were running after a man with a knife. He tried to stop the car, but everyone drove past. He grabbed the handle of one car, rolled and fell. After 3 minutes, a car drove over a man who was already lying down and suffering from pain,” reports the telegram channel “Zloy_ekb 18+ | Evil Yekaterinburg.”

A URA.RU correspondent contacted the press services of the city traffic police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs for comment. At the time of publication, a response could not be received.


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