“A year or two left”: Khazin spoke about the serious dilemma faced by the United States

Moscow Agency |  Sofia Sandurskaya
Moscow Agency | Sofia Sandurskaya

Against the backdrop of events taking place in the international arena, the United States has completely lost the opportunity to realize its own geopolitical tasks.

Washington has lost its strategic management system, which is why it cannot decide on its further actions regarding other countries. The well-known Russian economist Mikhail Khazin came to this conclusion. live radio Sputnik he detailed the serious dilemma facing the US and also explained why Washington was in a difficult position.

Mikhail Khazin drew attention to the fact that the American authorities were in a geopolitical impasse. They no longer understand what strategic decisions they should make in the near future. Washington has lost the ability to plan further measures related to the existing international agenda. At this stage, the United States is faced with a serious dilemma: to continue the escalation of the Ukrainian crisis, or to start implementing the concept of pressure on China.

“The issue with geopolitics: either the United States focuses on Europe as a whole, support for Ukraine, and then they miss China. Or the United States will reorient itself towards limiting China, and then they should leave Europe in general, the European Union and Ukraine in particular. There’s a year or two left. If the United States does not crush China during this time, then they will not be able to do this at all,” Khazin explained.

According to the economist, the American authorities are trying to play for time in order to play on two fronts at once, but such an approach can turn into extremely dangerous consequences for the United States. The thing is that Washington will not be able to put pressure on Russia and China at the same time – since it has already lost its former influence in the international arena.


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