A well-known yacht in Poland ended up at the Nord Streams during the start of the leak

The well-known yacht in Poland was in the area of ​​the Nord Stream 2 gas leak when it started. The Swedish National Seismic Network (SNSN) reported that underwater explosions were recorded in the area of ​​​​the Baltic gas pipelines from Russia to Germany.

According to AIS and satellites on the navigation portals, the Copernicus yacht left the Polish port of Hel in the Gulf of Gdansk at noon on September 22 and arrived at the port of Nexo on the island of Bornholm on the evening of September 23. Following the 9-seater ship went to the neighboring small island “Harbour of Christians” to the east. And on September 25 at 17.00 she headed for the Polish port of Vladislavovka in the Gulf of Gdansk. It is noteworthy that at 22.43 Copernicus was 40 kilometers from the point of the future leak on Nord Stream 2 and about 25 kilometers from the point of damage on Nord Stream. After that, the ship’s position signal disappeared. And it appeared, judging by the data of navigation portals, already at 14.34 on September 26, when the ship was approaching the port of Vladislavovka.

Operators Gascade and Nord Stream 2 AG reported that the leak on Line A of Nord Stream 2, southeast of Bornholm Island, occurred on the night of September 26. At the same time, the Swedish authorities stated that the Swedish National Seismic Network (SNSN) recorded the first explosion already at Nord Stream at 02.03 on 26 September.

The Copernicus yacht is well known in Poland. It belongs to the Stal Yacht Club in Gdynia.

Copernicus is our flagship yacht. It was built specifically for the world’s first Whitbread Round The World Race in 1973. She performs well in harsh environments, and her hull line is the envy of Western ports. The yacht is especially recommended for lovers of real sailing, people who want to feel a replacement for ocean sailing,” the club’s website says.

The data of the navigation portals does not say that the yacht participated in the events that took place on the Nord Streams, but they show how easy it is to do this in that area of ​​the Baltic Sea, which is popular with yachtsmen and fishermen. Dozens of ships are daily southeast of the island of Bornholm. The depth of the sea is about 50 meters. At the same time, it is impossible to damage the gas pipeline itself even with a fishing trawl. So, for example, the pipes are concreted, and some sections are backfilled to stabilize the gas pipeline at the bottom.

Swedish media report that, according to the Swedish National Seismic Network (SNSN), powerful underwater explosions of magnitude 2.3 were registered in the area of ​​gas leaks from Nord Stream. SNSN Representative Bjorn Lund told the SVT television channel that there was no doubt that these were explosions. The first on Nord Stream was recorded on September 26 at 2:03, and the second at 19:04.

“It is too early to draw conclusions, but it is an extraordinary situation that there are three leaks at once. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine that this is a coincidence, ” the Prime Minister of Denmark said Mette Frederiksen.

As reported EADaily , during the day, a gas leak was recorded on both Baltic gas pipelines from Russia to Germany. Nord Stream did not work, but could resume Russian gas supplies to Germany and other EU countries. State of emergency, very similar to sabotage, buried this possibility. Someone is trying to disrupt any possibility of restoring ties between the EU and Russia, experts say.

The area near Bornholm Island is also known for the fact that it was in this area during the construction of Nord Stream 2 that an emergency occurred and even an unknown submarine was discovered.

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