A Ukrainian armored personnel carrier flew over the fence from a Russian strike on a military plant in Nikolaev

DONETSK, 23 Sep – As a result of a Russian strike, a Ukrainian armored personnel carrier flew over the fence of the Nikolaev armored plant and fell onto a footpath outside the enterprise, evidenced by a photograph transmitted by the Nikolaevites themselves through a resident of Donetsk, Sergei Lebedev.
The photo shows the inverted body of the armored vehicle against the background of a concrete fence. Lebedev explained from the words of his acquaintances who sent him a photo that everything happened on September 19th.
“The Russian army carried out strikes on strategic facilities in the city of Nikolaev. In the photo we can see the consequences of one of these strikes. This is a factory where heavy military equipment was being repaired. One of the armored personnel carriers was thrown over the fence from the strikes and is now lying on the footpath,” – said the source of the agency.
The Russian Ministry of Defense reported on September 20 that as a result of strikes in Nikolaev, the workshops of an armored plant were destroyed, in which military equipment was being repaired.

(source: ria)

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