A truck on Varshavskoe highway crashed into a pole and was left without a wheel

March 23, 2023, 06:46

GAZon crashed into a pole on Warsaw highway in Moscow, the driver was pinched

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In the south of Moscow on the night of March 23, an accident happened. A medium-duty truck crashed into a pole. The driver was trapped in the car, a source told 360.

The accident happened around 3:00 am. On the Warsaw highway “GAZon” at speed drove into a pole. The blow fell on the left side of the car, and the driver was squeezed. Rescuers who arrived at the scene unblocked him and handed him over to the doctors.

Other details were revealed by the Telegram channel «Accident on the Moscow Ring Road | TTK Moscow”. In a collision with a pole, the truck’s wheel flew off, the windshield shattered and the hood crumpled. The accident happened on the road towards the city center.

In the south-west of Moscow, rescuers had to evacuate 20 residents of apartments in two entrances due to a fire in a basement store. Furniture and equipment caught fire, the fire was extinguished in an hour. No harm done.


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