A trophy carp caught in Chelyabinsk broke a fisherman’s line. A photo

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A resident of Chelyabinsk and blogger Nikolai Klimov caught a trophy carp in the city lake Sineglazovo. The caught fish turned out to be so strong and large that it managed to break the branded rod in two places.

“My carp trophy gave me a serious fight. This handsome man broke my Maver rod in the third knee in two places, he even bent the rings. I cut all my fingers with a fishing line. It’s a pity for the fishing rod, dear, but the carp didn’t leave, ”Klimov said about catching fish in the Fishermen of Kyshtym group on VKontakte.

Carp is a freshwater fish and belongs to the carp family. The fisherman noted that in order to catch such a large prey, he went to Sineglazovo Lake for two days and “fed” the fish in thick reeds.

A large carp was caught by a fisherman on Lake Sineglazovo
A photo:

Large prey broke the fishing rod in two places
A photo:

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