A third of the program for the overhaul of residential buildings was completed in the Moscow region

March 23, 2023, 14:04

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The Moscow region is implementing the largest program of capital repairs of residential buildings in the country. It included 44 thousand buildings, a third of which have already been put in order.

According to the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities of the region, comfortable living conditions have already been created for three million residents of the Moscow region. The head of the ministry, Anton Velikhovsky, recalled that in the course of the work, the roof, facades, communications are being renovated, basements and foundations are being repaired, and elevators are being replaced.

The department added that for the overhaul, access to common house property is needed, and sometimes apartment owners must dismantle air conditioners and satellite dishes.

The program is designed until 2049. You can find out exactly where the work will be carried out at FCR website.

Earlier, Andrei Vorobyov spoke about the construction of schools and kindergartens in the Moscow region. Over 170 educational facilities are in the stage of work and overhaul.

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