A teenager was arrested in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, because of whom a schoolboy died


    Police officer - 1920, 12/07/2021

    KHABAROVSK, 7 Dec – A schoolboy from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, through whose fault his classmate died due to a blow to the head, was placed under house arrest, said Anna Isaeva, senior assistant to the prosecutor of the Khabarovsk Territory.
    The emergency happened on December 3. According to the regional prosecutor’s office, during a biology lesson, the teenager, in response to insults from a classmate, got up and hit him on the head. From his injury, a 13-year-old boy died in a medical office before the arrival of an ambulance. The regional SUSK initiated a case under the articles “causing grievous bodily harm, resulting in death by negligence” and “negligence”.
    “By a court order, the teenager was placed under house arrest. The child is from a normal family, previously not on a special account,” said a representative of the supervisory agency.
    It was reported that during the inspection, the prosecutor’s office will also assess the timeliness of the arrival of the medical team at the school. According to the representative of the Ministry of Education of the Khabarovsk Territory, “the ambulance staff arrived at the school 15 minutes after receiving the signal and also tried to revive the boy.”
    The investigation is ongoing. The head of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, will be reported on the progress of the case of a teenager who died at school after a conflict with a peer.


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