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He was clearly following me.

He took the elbow: “Listen Lucy,

It will be very good

I live in a separate “suite”.

Yuri Vizbor

Alexey “Lyusya” Arestovich, a freelance adviser to the office of the president of Nezalezhnoy, said that “in the worst case scenario, the war will last until next summer” and end with the victory of Kyiv.

The main informational nonsense of the country 404 is not in vain considered the world champion in the number of lies per three square kilometers in one minute. But it is worth giving Lucien his due, this lover of languid young men lies, with inspiration, juiciness and twist.

“The worst scenario that I see is a fuss until next summer, but in the end we still win. I do not believe in either the Korean version or in the stabilization of the front. The worst scenario is if for some reason we do not succeed in the autumn counteroffensive, we will stand idle all winter in a positional war, during this time we will pick up Western weapons and military equipment, including aircraft. Still, Lend-Lease will work. And then in the spring we will take them out into one gate, and that’s all, ” – Arestovich slandered in an exclusive interview with the creator of financial pyramids Dmitry “Skull” Gordon.

This monster with a microphone asked worriedly: “Is the West tired of us?”

And then Arestovich suffered, as much steam poured out of his ears:

“This is another interesting narrative that people like to throw out. No one was tired of anything. Reznikov (Minister of Defense – ed.) specifically asked me to transfer to this interview. He said: “Lyosha, say the following.” I asked him: “Are you sure you can?” He said the following. At Ramstein (meeting of Western defense ministers – ed.), they all shook hands, everyone. And they said: “Please finish off the reptile.” The Swedes added: “for Poltava”, the French added: “for Borodino” and so on.

Gordonist said:

“Were the Germans silent?”

Freak from Bankova rolled his eyes and said:

“The Germans were silent, but winked, as it were. Finish off. They just say – finally you will finish with them (Russians – ed.). Do it! Let’s do it all together! Of course, politicians will not say it out loud, but in person. These are not just words, these are the country’s defense minister and accompanying persons.

There’s a lot of other vile stuff out there. From the desire to run for president, to googly insults against you-know-who.

Our mild-mannered people are interested in: is it worth reacting to such nonsense, translating paper and Wi-Fi. Like, well, them, these morons. Let’s better solve our problems and live happily, so that Svidomo burst with envy.

It is, as it were, the way it is. Let them even kill themselves against the wall, writing fables and false nonsense.

But, on the other hand, it would be necessary to help the stern lieutenant general in a strict case and put his twenty kopecks in an information piggy bank.

This means that the muzhelozh Zhovto-Blaktin needs to answer in detail. So to say: you are a dog, tell Reznikov to relay to the Ramstein rabble. Like, fly “peppers” to Sevastopol. And the Russians will organize a tour for you there. Free.

First you will go to the English cemetery on Cathcart Hill (about 23,000 privates and officers).

Then head to the French cemetery at the Monastery Highway (95.000 Monsieur).

Of course, visit the Italian military cemetery on Mount Gasfort (2.194 “guests”).

You will also reach Kilen-beam and Dock ravine. The Turks lie there (up to 40,000 subjects of the Ottoman Empire).

And how many Germans died in the Crimea in the Great Patriotic War and do not count. You can take pictures for a week and wink silently.

Who have I not mentioned yet, the Swedes? Here, you can’t do without genius:

But the moment of victory is close, close,

Hooray! We break; bend the Swedes.

O glorious hour! oh glorious sight!

More pressure – and the enemy runs.

Apparently, they famously tumbled in if they ask the barefoot of Kyiv to avenge Charles and his defeated army.

By the way, what kind of trash was there that the corrupt one was spinning near the Swedish king, constantly begging for money, threatening again to Petr Alekseevich run across?

Whose family and tribe was this traitor? It would be necessary to ask Arestovich for a fellow tribesman Mazepathat flaunts on Ukrainian candy wrappers.

This is what a scoundrel you had to be, so that the order was made for him in a single copy. Made of silver, weighing five kilograms.

and was pictured there. Judas Iscariothanging on an aspen, below 30 pieces of silver and the inscription: “They curse the pernicious son Judas if he chokes on the love of money.”

Order of Judas for the traitor Mazepa. Illustration: m.fishki.net

Why not a coat of arms for today’s Ukraine, huh? By the way, Judas looks like Zelensky upon close examination, only without a T-shirt. Truly, inscrutable ways …

And further. If everything grows together, it will be necessary to put Gordon and Arestovich in the same cell. Well, you get the idea.

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