A Sverdlovsk resident trying to break into his wife’s apartment had a criminal record. Video

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The man who is trying to break into the apartment of his wife and son in Kamensk-Uralsky has previously been convicted. This was stated by his ex-wife Alena.

On September 21, the man wanted to go to his wife’s apartment. However, she refused to let him in, saying that she would call the police. Then he took out a pistol and locked himself in the entrance. A man declares that he will kill himself if the woman does not let him home.

“The ex-hubby we share with the girls, a crocodile with a capital C, doesn’t get along with anyone. It’s okay, the place where you served your sentence is already crying for you. This is for me and Svetlana Koroleva. You’ll be going there soon. You’ll have fun there,” Alena said on her YouTube channel.

Alena also added that the man dated at least six (including Alena) girls. According to her, he hurt all of them. “I am already being questioned over the phone as a witness. I experienced everything myself,” the woman summed up. Earlier it was reported that a case was opened against the man under the article “Torture”.


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