A student from Perm proposed to create roads from waste

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    A student of the Perm Polytechnic University (PNRPU) suggested creating roads from production waste. Research data published in the collection “Chemistry. Ecology. Urbanistics”, are at the disposal of the editors of URA.RU.

    “During the study of various materials, waste from crushed stone, gravel and sand, oxidizing quartzites, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy slags, sludge, ash, gypsum-containing residues and similar raw materials were considered. After their crushing and sorting, we got the grain composition of crushed stone, sand or their mixtures, which can again be used in work,” says Veronika Chernova, a student of the Automotive Airfields Department of PNRPU.

    According to the developer, the use of such a mixture contributes to the conservation of the planet’s natural resources. It reduces the negative impact on the environment due to the fact that “building materials do not end up in landfills and do not pollute large areas of land.” Chernova’s research confirmed that the construction of pavement systems from this material will increase the service life of the roadbed and ensure high quality of operation.

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