Reddit users have discovered a Russian-speaking area on the maps of New York

Reddit user G8g8g8 published several maps of New York, which indicated the most common languages ​​in different areas of the city. Commentators have discovered a strange phenomenon in the Russian-speaking quarter.

Judging by the map, English turned out to be the most popular language in the largest city in the United States – it covers an overwhelming number of districts. The second most common language is Spanish, and the third is Russian.

Many netizens were amazed that there is a large area in New York in which most people speak Russian. “I thought so, but Russian is still surprising,” wrote a user under the nickname ScarAdvanced9562. The vigilant-comic penguin agreed with him, who considered the Russian-speaking quarters a “historical relic”.

The commentator under the nickname Mateja explained that we are talking about the Brighton Beach area – a place where emigrants from the USSR settled at the end of the last century.

“This is literally a time capsule of the USSR / Russia of 1980-1990. This is the strangest phenomenon … Lifestyle, mentality, music, clothing style and slang – all this straight from the early 90s, when the mafia flooded Russia. It’s literally like a movie, ”said a Reddit user. He added that such places in the world no longer exist.

Earlier, a Reddit user with the nickname filosoful published a Soviet poster promoting alcohol and smoking cessation. The healthy lifestyle image has sparked controversy among netizens.


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