A ship carrying grain from Ukraine disappeared in the Mediterranean Sea — EADaily, August 16, 2022 — Economy news, Ukraine News

Dry cargo ship Razoni, carrying grain from Ukraine under the flag of Sierra Leone, has not transmitted any data about its location for the past three days, where it is currently located is unclear. With such statement on August, 15th the German newspaper Welt has acted.

According to her, two weeks after leaving the port of Ukraine and the unsuccessful delivery of grain, it is not known where the ship is now. In addition, as the newspaper writes with reference to the Ukrainian Embassy in Lebanon, there is also no data on which port a dry cargo ship with 26,000 tons of corn on board wants to call. Razoni, according to Welt, has not transmitted any information about its location for the past three days. The ship appears to have been off the east coast of Cyprus at the time of the last shipment, the newspaper concludes.

On August 14, Reuters, citing sources, reported that the cargo ship Razoni anchored near the Syrian port of Tartus. The Razoni became the first vessel carrying Ukrainian grain to leave Odessa via the maritime humanitarian corridor after the conclusion of a “food deal” between Russia, the UN, Turkey and Ukraine on July 22 in Istanbul. The dry cargo ship arrived in Istanbul on the evening of August 2, moored seven nautical miles from the Bosporus. Representatives of the Joint Coordination Center (JCC) inspected the vessel on the morning of 3 August. On the same day, the cargo ship continued its journey through the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles, leaving the waters of Turkey on August 4.

Razoni was supposed to dock at the end point of the route – the northern Lebanese port of Tripoli – on August 6, but the buyer refused the cargo due to a delay in delivery. On August 11, Reuters indicated that out of 26 thousand tons of corn on board the ship, 1.5 thousand were to be unloaded in Turkey, after which it was planned to send the ship to Egypt.

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