A Russian escaped from Hamas militants at the Nature Party festival

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Armed conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip

A Russian man who attended the Nature Party music festival in Israel escaped from members of the Hamas group who were shooting civilians. A Russian citizen himself spoke about this.

“I look: rockets are flying, the Dome explodes them, explosions are heard, while the trance from the stage is still playing from behind. I didn’t understand what was happening,” Lenta.ru reports the man’s words. Later, the Russian went by car to the main road, where he noticed a Hamas group shooting at citizens’ cars. The man managed to take refuge in one of the settlements before the arrival of the Israeli army, thanks to which things became calmer.

In the end, the festival participant got out of the hot spot and reached Tel Aviv unharmed. “At the moment of the announcement to urgently leave the festival, many people began to fold their tents, which is why they made a mistake. It could have cost them their lives,” he concluded.

Earlier it became known that 27-year-old Sestroretsk resident Andrei Kozlov went missing after a Hamas attack at the Nature Party festival. At the event, the man worked as a security guard. The last time the Russian got in touch, he said that many terrorists had gathered around him.


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