A resident of Zvenigorod was shot in the scrotum while searching for his five-year-old daughter


A man received a gunshot wound to the genitals while searching for his lost daughter in Zvenigorod, Moscow Region. Details of the incident were reported by the publication “MK”.

According to published data, a 33-year-old citizen, while walking with a five-year-old child, was briefly distracted and lost sight of him. In search of the baby, the man looked around the neighboring yards, and then went to the river.

On one of the private plots, he heard children crying and decided to explore the territory. When the excited father began to demand from the tenants that they show him the child, the owner of the house took a weapon and shot at the intruder.

The victim was taken to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with a scrotum wound and genital injuries. The patient was operated on soon after.

It turned out that the lost girl had been at home all this time. She decided to play hide and seek with her dad, but the lock of the apartment slammed shut. The mother, who returned from the store, called the rescuers, who opened the dwelling.


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