A resident of the “star house” in the center of Moscow told how the fire started

The fire in the “star house” on Nikitsky Boulevard in the center of Moscow was eliminated, although its causes are still unknown. The owner of the six-room apartment on fire, Yevgeny Fuks, told Life how it all began.

“I don’t know what happened. Smoke came out of the wall. All the people were safe and no one was hurt, except mentally. They all went out even when there was smoke. Then the firemen asked them to leave. Everything is well organized in the house, the speakerphone works “I breathed in smoke, but it was at the very beginning. The firemen worked very quickly,” Fuchs said.

The fire managed to cover an area of ​​60 squares before it was extinguished. Nine people were rescued, there were no casualties. This is not the debut fire for this building, it was already burning in 2019. At that time, the fire claimed the lives of nine people.

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