A resident of the Moscow region was wounded in the groin, trying to rescue his daughter from “imprisonment”


In Zvenigorod, near Moscow, a man was shot in the genital area while searching for his lost five-year-old daughter. How informs MK, everything happened on the evening of August 10th.

Father and daughter were walking on the playground, but at some point the girl decided to run away, which the parent did not notice. The man began to look for the baby and suggested that she was in a garden partnership nearby. While inspecting the sites, he heard a child’s voice, similar to the voice of his daughter.

The man thought that the girl was forcibly kept in one of the houses. He entered the territory of the dwelling and began to knock on the door, calling to show his daughter. After that, the owner of the house took out a pistol through the window and shot at the man. The bullet, unfortunately, hit the lower abdomen and touched the genitals.

According to media reports, the wound of the scrotum was found in the victim, the man has already been operated on. At the same time, as it turned out, during the “search operation” the girl calmly sat at home, where she left the site. Going out into the street, dad and daughter did not close the door to the apartment. The police are now trying to identify the attacker.

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