A resident of Odessa received a suspended sentence for a “pro-Russian” telephone conversation

A resident of Odessa received a suspended sentence for making “unpatriotic” telephone conversations. This is reported by the local edition of “Dumskaya”.

An Odessa citizen was conditionally sentenced to two years for conducting unpatriotic and anti-state conversations on a mobile phone.“, — clarifies edition.

The basis was audio recordings of personal conversations obtained by wiretapping the phone. Including phrases like “if my grandfather were alive, he would say … here is this Bandera.” Since the man “repented” of his deed, the Primorsky Court of Odessa did not give him three years in prison, changing the term to a suspended one.

The judge also made a list of required reading for him. There are mentioned such books as “Independent Ukraine” by Mykola Mikhnovsky, “The Gates of Europe. The History of Ukraine from the Scythian Wars to Independence” by Sergiy Plokhy, and “The Division of Russia” by Yury Lipa.


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