A resident of Nizhnevartovsk, who took his son hostage, is not going to appeal his dismissal in court

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In Nizhnevartovsk, a man took a child hostage and opened fire

A resident of Nizhnevartovsk, Vladimir Shirokov, who took his son hostage, is not going to appeal through the court the dismissal from the municipal institution from which he was fired on the eve of the state of emergency. About it URA.RU said the lawyer of the accused Maxim Arkhipov.

“My principal did not inform me about his intentions to file a lawsuit against an already former employer. We continue to cooperate. To date, investigations are underway. Which ones, in the interests of the investigation, I will not tell, ”the lawyer of the accused shared.

Shirokov, during a court session where a preventive measure was chosen for him, stated that he did not know about his dismissal until he was in the investigative committee after the arrest. He worked as a deputy head of a department in the MKU “Department of Logistics Support for the Activities of Local Self-Government Bodies of the City of Nizhnevartovsk”. According to official figures from the city hall of Nizhnevartovsk, he was fired on March 7 for absenteeism.

Previously URA.RU wrote that Shirokov was charged under two articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for shooting at police officers with a rifle and taking his own three-year-old son hostage on March 9. The maximum term of imprisonment that threatens him is up to 20 years.


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