A resident of Magadan is accused of killing a neighbor with a backpack


A resident of Magadan has been charged with murder after the death of her 43-year-old neighbor from head injuries. The murder weapon, according to investigators, was the backpack of the 33-year-old defendant.

The body of the deceased resident of Magadan was found on the morning of April 9 in the corridor of the house, informs MagadanMedia. The man died as a result of injuries caused by a blunt object. Investigators believe that the victim was injured by his neighbor, with whom he had previously had a conflict.

As the investigation established, the defendant, returning home at night from April 8 to 9, saw a man lying on the floor in the corridor, and recognizing him as her recent opponent, struck on the head with her backpack with heavy things inside. The man died from his injuries. The woman has been detained. She was assigned a measure of restraint in the form of detention.

A man previously suspected of murder and dismemberment, whose remains were found near the Anninsky fortifications in February, was detained in Vyborg.


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