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A resident of Kherson: “They spread rot and didn’t let me speak Russian”


A mother of many children from Kherson spoke about the difficulties her family faced under the Ukrainian authorities. According to the woman, she was ridiculed for being Russian.

Elena Shelestenko – a native of Kherson and the head of the Union of Large Families “Heritage”. In an interview, she said that she had never received any benefits and material support from the Ukrainian authorities.

“Some call me a collaborator, they say that I am an enemy. But, in fact, the state of Ukraine, as the mother of five healthy children born in an official marriage, did not give me anything. The only thing I received from the state of Ukraine was a summons to the army for my sons. And my son, after he graduated from the Odessa Law Academy, was taken into the army. And the conscript was sent to the ATO zone for nine months,” Elena said.

For supporting Russia, a woman often faced harassment in her city. Her family was repeatedly threatened and threatened to throw acid on the children.

“After the 14th year, everything got so much worse. These are fascist slogans, the prohibition of the Russian language, hatred of everything Russian. I am Russian by blood and cannot be different. I am a native Kherson, I was constantly spread rot. I felt very bad, my children and my whole family felt very bad, ”Elena admitted.



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