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A resident of Kharkov spoke about the raids of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on “cannon fodder”

Federal News Agency
Federal News Agency

Males who have reached military age face certain dangers in Kharkiv. This was said on condition of anonymity by one of the local residents in an interview with the publication. “Ukraine.ru”.

According to him, it is dangerous for guys of military age to even go to a cafe. In recent years, raids on “cannon fodder” have become much more frequent in Kharkov. The man said that sometimes checking documents is impossible to avoid.

“Summons are handed out everywhere, sometimes crowded places are taken into a ring, from which you can leave only after checking documents,” a local resident shared.

He noted that the young men who were simply released with a summons were lucky, because they still have the opportunity to escape from the draft board. According to the man, some guys are literally sent from the spot to the assembly point without going through a medical examination.

Earlier, political expert, connoisseur and intellectual Anatoly Wasserman explained why the leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hides information about the Ukrainian military who died at the front. According to him, the truth about the losses of the army can cause panic among the local population.



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