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A resident of Argentina disguised the immured body of her daughter under the nightstand


A resident of Buenos Aires in Argentina buried the body of her late daughter in concrete, after which she used it as a bedside table. This is reported by The Mirror.

On October 24, the father of a five-year-old girl turned to the police with a statement about the disappearance of her daughter. The search for the baby lasted four days, after which the body was found in a wooden box with concrete in the house of her 27-year-old mother Vanesa Alejandra Mansilla.

The woman herself claims that she was not involved in the death of her daughter. According to her, the girl died herself, and she got scared and decided to hide the body. Mansilla’s acquaintances said that the mother treated her daughter badly, paying all her attention to other children.

“She was a little girl who was born prematurely and had many diseases,” the police explained.

The woman is now in custody. Her remaining children were placed in the care of their maternal grandmother.

In the United States, a local resident tormented her son for years because of non-existent diagnoses. From the age of three, she fed the boy with liquid mixtures without vitamin content.


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