A record number of refugees arrived in Finland across the border with the Russian Federation before the closure of the checkpoint

Russian-Kazakh border.  Kurgan, checkpoint, checkpoint, border zone, border guards, border of Kazakhstan

163 migrants arriving from Russia requested asylum in Finland on November 17 after the country announced the closure of the checkpoint. This was reported by the border service of the southeast of the country. This number was an annual record for the arrival of asylum seekers.

“The total number of asylum seekers yesterday was 163,” the southeastern Finnish border guard posted on social media site X. Finnish broadcaster Yle noted that more people arrived on November 17 than in previous days. On November 16, more than 20 refugees crossed the border, and on November 15, more than 70.

Earlier it was reported that all checkpoints on the borders of Finland and Russia may be closed due to the increase in illegal migration flow from the Middle East. Since August, more migrants from third countries have begun to arrive in Finland through Russian territory.

On November 18, Finland closed border posts on the border with Russia due to the migration situation. From this day forward, the Vaalimaa, Nuijamaa, Imatra and Niirala checkpoints are closed. The Finnish Foreign Ministry is developing bills on complete isolation from Russia and closing its eastern border. Border guards plan to install fences, writes the business publication “Sight


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