A recidivist thief was detained for stealing the Order of Friendship of the Peoples of the RSFSR seven years later in Tatarstan

Federal News Agency |  Stepan Yatsko
Federal News Agency | Stepan Yatsko

The attacker introduced himself as a museum employee and stole a rare state award from a local resident in 2016 in Almetyevsk.

According to the Telegram channel SHOT, in 2016 a man came to the house of a local resident under the guise of a museum worker. The thief quietly replaced the Order of Friendship of the Peoples of the RSFSR, which belonged to the owner’s father, and disappeared. The victim immediately reported the loss to law enforcement.

It was only seven years later that the perpetrator was found. The police opened a criminal case on the fact of the theft of an item of special value. It is noted that the man already has a criminal record under the same article.

Earlier, a 48-year-old recidivist was detained in the Moscow region for a series of burglaries. The intruder quietly entered the premises, from where she took out money and bank cards of the owners.


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