A public beach in Tobolsk is beyond the reach of the local administration

Upper Bor beach.  Tyumen, river, water, shore, quarry, beach, lake, body of water, recreation center upper forest, upper forest

The administration of Tobolsk in the Tyumen region will need a major investor to help build a public beach. Zukhra Isimbayeva, director of the department of economics of the Tobolsk mayor’s office, told URA.RU about this. The project will cost hundreds of millions of rubles.

“We are looking for an investor who would be interested in our offer. We are ready to provide long-term use of a site at the Mendeleev quarry, to co-finance the cleaning and deepening of the reservoir. Everyone understands that there is such a volume of work that small businesses simply cannot handle, so we decided to resort to a concession agreement, ”Isimbayeva explained to URA.RU.

She noted that the investor is expected to complete the project with proposals for all possible infrastructure. Presumably, it will be not only a beach and sports facilities, but also areas for winter entertainment. “Such projects do not pay off quickly, so the investor will have to figure out how to make money outside the swimming season. For us, the main thing is to give people a beach, ”Isimbayeva added in an interview with URA.RU.

The quarry is located in the Mendeleevo district, which is located a few kilometers from the center of Tobolsk. The city administration believes that after the improvement, the reservoir will become a popular place for summer recreation. Earlier, URA.RU said that proximity to a reservoir is considered a plus in the Tyumen region when choosing an area for individual housing construction.

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