A Perm prisoner sued Russian Post twice over one letter.

Court Lomakin.  Chelyabinsk, bars, bracelets, defendant, handcuffs

A prisoner from the Perm region twice won a lawsuit against Russian Post for a letter delivered late. Initially, he sued for just over 500 rubles, and on appeal increased the amount to 3 thousand rubles. This was reported in the decision on the website of the Perm Regional Court.

“The court decided: to recover from JSC Russian Post in favor of A.V. Kvashnin compensation for moral damages in the amount of 2,000 rubles, a fine of 1,000 rubles, legal costs of 73 rubles, a total of 3,073 rubles,” the decision says. Also, Russian Post must pay the plaintiff 124 rubles for postage.

The prisoner waited 17 days for a simple letter from his lawyer. The first court ruled that the delivery deadlines were violated, which is why the convict could not receive the letter and greeting card on time. The judge ordered Russian Post to pay compensation. However, the plaintiff found the compensation to be insufficient and filed an appeal.


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