A pensioner from the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug set up a “guest house” for North Military District soldiers and their families. Video

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In the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, a 69-year-old woman set up a “guest house” for more than 30 military personnel of the Northern Military District and their families when they are passing through and cannot find accommodation for the night in a small town. This was reported by the Shot telegram channel. The pensioner received the affectionate call sign “Granny”.

“It all started more than a year ago, when the son of Vera Sharifullina asked to accommodate the family of a mobilized friend. His wife was unable to rent an apartment there, and “Granny” let them live at her place. Since then, word of mouth has started to spread among the military. Contract workers from all over Russia, passing by, stop to stay with a pensioner,” reports the Shot telegram channel.

Vera Vasilyevna cooks homemade hodgepodge for the soldiers, bakes pies, heats the bathhouse and always fries pancakes for the journey for all her “sons,” as she calls the soldiers. In return for a good attitude, the military helps her with food, money and general household chores.

The pensioner said that she has had such respect for people in uniform since childhood. She grew up at a military unit where her father served and her mother worked as a cook. “Babushka” allocated a hall to accommodate the military, and she herself moved to the kitchen. And every time she sees off her “sons” with tears in her eyes, always taking a photo as a souvenir. He carefully keeps correspondence with each of them on his phone and eagerly awaits news from the front.

Earlier, residents of Langepas raised money to buy stoves and generators for fighters in the North Military District zone. The acquired necessities will help soldiers keep warm during frosty weather. Before this, the youth chamber of Surgut and volunteers handed over a bus to the fighters in Ukraine. According to the commander, they nicknamed the transport there the “Chinese Bomb Carrier” in honor of one of the tasks that the PAZ performs. The bus has already been checked for operation.

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