A new employment law has been adopted in Russia: what will change for workers and the unemployed

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On November 30, the State Duma adopted an updated version of the law “On Employment in the Russian Federation.” Innovations are the result of the work of the United Russia party and the Russian government.

Who will be affected by the updated law?

  • The new version of the law will affect the participants in the special operation and their families, said Andrei Isaev, deputy head of the United Russia faction in the State Duma;
  • the updated standards also imply assistance to employees who are at risk of dismissal;
  • assistance will be provided to young professionals who cannot find work.

According to Isaev, the updated law provides for a whole range of measures for career guidance and employment of young people, and also protects the rights of people with disabilities. The official also announced the protection of the rights of individual entrepreneurs and self-employed citizens.

What innovations await Russians after updating the Law “On Employment”

  • With the new version of the law, the concept of “illegal employment” is introduced for the first time. Measures to combat it are also provided.
  • From 2024, unemployment benefits will begin to be indexed annually. The amount of payment will be determined by the minimum wage.

Other initiatives that United Russia will introduce

  • In the near future, the party will introduce a bill that will regulate platform employment (the use of an online platform as an intermediary between service providers and consumers – note URA.RU). According to Isaev, the new law will affect about five million Russians.
  • United Russia is developing four laws that will complement the norms “On Employment”. These will be amendments to laws on trade unions, protection of the rights of people with disabilities and education.

Earlier, United Russia senators and deputies introduced amendments to the Labor Code to expand labor guarantees for workers participating in the special operation in Ukraine. In addition, in winter the party launched the project “My Career with United Russia” to help citizens of new regions of the Russian Federation find employment.


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