A methane leak occurred on a ship in the port of Korsakov


In the northern port of Korsakov, a crew of 17 people was evacuated from the container ship Fesco Tatarstan due to a methane leak. It comes out of the blast valve of the 20 ton tank. This is reported by the regional head office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

There is one gas tank on the ship, it is surrounded by empty containers. The area is currently cordoned off.

The departments concerned were notified and went to the site. The cargo owner has been notified. Northeast wind (in the direction from Korsakov). There were no casualties. Surveillance underway“, — reported in the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The methane tank is located on the upper deck of the vessel. It cannot be downloaded for security reasons. The wind blows the gas into Aniva Bay. From the scene to the nearest residential buildings – about 1 kilometer. Now there are 13 people and 5 pieces of equipment at the scene, of which 6 are employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and two pieces of equipment of the department. Specialists from the Island General Services Group of Companies went there to inspect the tank and decide how to eliminate the leak.

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